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Organizational Improvement

Once there is clarity from the Board of Directors on the mission, vision, and both short- and long-term goals, the staff can develop their work plan for accomplishing the direction set by the Board. Whether working with paid staff or a volunteer workforce, a common understanding of expected results, along with a positive environment, is critical to organizational success.


Management Philosophy

Lambert-Pearcy has an experience-based understanding of the spectrum of management philosophies and styles, and how to drive vision and strategic direction so they become embedded in the fabric of the organization and understood by the people who benefit from its work.


Understanding of Mission and Vision

Each member of the staff team needs to be able to articulate the mission of the organization and the vision of the Board of Directors.  How these mesh with their personal goals and aspirations will determine how engaged the staff is with their work.


Work Styles

Lambert-Pearcy uses a variety of instruments to define the personal work styles and success criteria that employees have.  Once there is an understanding of the complex styles that are brought to the workplace the management team can better assist each employee in finding a meaningful niche in the workplace.



Struggling non-profits no matter what their size have one thing in common.  They have failed to establish measures of accountability throughout the organization.  Lambert-Pearcy works with staff to identify measures of accountability that allow a non-profit organization to begin to change its culture from a do-gooder organization to an organization that is committed and successful to doing good.


The extension of accountability is the reward for success.  There is significant variation in what motivates employees in any type of organization.  Lambert-Pearcy can assist management in identifying rewards that fit with its employee’s motivations.







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