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Lambert-Pearcy is dedicated to providing the very best in consulting services to small and medium sized non-profit organizations.  To that end, Lambert-Pearcy scales its fees to be affordable to any sized non-profit organization.  We are also committed to providing ten percent of our services annually on a pro bono basis.

Hourly Fee Option

We will estimate a range of the number of hours the process will entail and include it in the engagement letter that serves as a contract for our services.  There are no minimum number of hours required nor the need for a set schedule.  A small retainer/deposit is required at the beginning of the relationship and is credited back to the client at the end of the engagement.  Time is tracked in 15 minute increments. Expenses are billed at cost as incurred with any major expenses agree to with the client beforehand

Fixed Fee Option

Many non-profit organizations are very concerned about entering a fee for service relationship that is based on time and materials. To accommodate those organizations that want the budget control of a fixed fee relationship, Lambert-Pearcy is willing to negotiate a fixed fee for the engagement.  The fixed fee process will clearly outline the deliverables for the project.  Half of the fee will be billed when the engagement letter is signed and half on completion of the engagement.  Expenses will be billed in addition to the fixed fee.

Invoices are sent out at the end of each month, payment is due on the 15th of the month and past due accounts are charged at a 1.5% per month interest rate.

Typical Strategic Planning Engagement Hours by Phase

Client Size Pre-Engagement
(no charge)
Data Gathering Retreat Analysis Report Total
  Operating Revenue
2 22 14 8 2 46
  No Staff           
Medium 4 26 16 10 2 54
  Operating Revenue
     $5K - $1M 
  1-3 Staff           
Large 6 30 18 12 2 62
  Operating Revenue
      > $1M 
  More than 3 Staff             


    1. Meet with client to understand needs and problems
    2. Research Organization
    3. Prepare proposal; finalize services with client
    4. Sign Engagement letter
    1. Meet with Board to understand current vision and mission
    2. Interviews with selected Board members and management
    3. Consolidate and summarie interview findings
    1. Plan agenda for Board retreat with client contact
    2. Conduct retreat using interactive ad effectvie facilitation techniques
    3. Gain consensus on direction and plans
    1. Review and summarize retreat outcomes and decisions
    2. Research best practices to achieve retreat plans and decisions
    3. Determine recommendations and prepare report
    1. Present recommendations for action to stakeholders
    2. Determine if additional L-P services are warranted
    3. Get feedback on effectiveness of engagement


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