Lambert-Pearcy leads non-profit organizations in the discovery of solutions to management and organizational issues.  We provide high quality consulting to Boards of Directors, executives and managers of small and medium sized non-profit and non-governmental organizations as they discover their internal capacity for growth and fulfillment of their organization’s mission.

Lambert-Pearcy principals have over sixty years of experience in both non-profit and corporate organizations and have provided consulting services internationally. We recognize a growing need for sound, practical advice as non-profit organizations face difficult issues in providing services at a time of diminishing resources.  Many small and medium sized organizations have drifted from their mission and need assistance in imagining the future, defining staffing needs, and developing a strategic direction.  These organizations often feel that they cannot afford the services of qualified consultants.  Lambert-Pearcy works to fill that gap.

Lambert-Pearcy is experienced providing organization development services on an international basis.



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Assisting Those Who Do Good To Do Better.